Bob Greiza, Massage Therapist


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I have been a resident Middlesex county my whole life. I live with my wife, son, and our beloved dog, Benny in a small seaside community where we are very happy enjoying our time spent together. Art and music have always been the driving force in my life. As my journey continues I have become aware of the value health and wellness play in our lives. Through understanding, education, and a profound sense of spirituality I have brought key elements together to bring healing to those weary of life’s toils and relieve of pain from injury.

I am a graduate of Kutztown University PA with a BFA in Fine Arts, Painting and Photography concentration. I have developed a strong work ethic being employed for over 10 years in the publishing industry as a graphic artist and digital photographer. This work experiences has enabled me to understand the demands put on the body by various work environments.

In 2006 I graduated from the 1,000 hour Massage and Bodywork program at the Academy of Natural Health Science in Woodbridge NJ. My focus on was Swedish, Shiatsu, and Sports Massage. I also completed training in hot and cold stone therapy, chair massage, reflexology, and Reiki energy healing. I am a professional member of the American Massage Therapist’s Association since 2006. With a welcoming demeanor I apply a wide range of skills and will always make you feel at ease.

Throughout my massage career, I have learned that no two sessions are alike. Everyone has their own set of life experiences, which deeply affects their personal preferences and needs. This understanding has enabled me to utilize my training and extensive life experience to tailor each massage session to the needs of my clients.

I often blend styles to better fit the needs of my clients. From treatment-oriented bodywork like trigger point therapy, Reflexology, and energy techniques to more of the soothing, relaxing Swedish massage accessing a more energy-based multi layered Reiki and chakra balancing.

I strive to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork focusing on stress management, injury treatment, and pain management. Healing energy techniques to produce a peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience for the client to allow the body to respond efficiently.

I am an excellent massage therapist with a good working knowledge of anatomy, stretching, health and fitness; I can provide clients a relaxing comfortable experience they will find most beneficial. It has been said that with the same finesse of an artist who uses his brush to breath life into a canvas, so I approach massage and bodywork.

I try to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet for proper nutrition and joint health. I frequently use and highly recommend an inversion table, this helps decompress vertebrae and strength the core. My music, lots of research and reading, plus trying to meditate help keep my soul in shape and full of positive energy which can only help me continue to provide the quality of bodywork this demanding profession requires.

“I am and always will be an artist and my career as well as my life will forever be inspired by the spirit of creativity.”
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