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I have been Bob’s client for several years by now. Before him I’ve used the services of other therapists, but his superior skills and professional knowledge made him my singular therapist for a long time.

As a healthcare professional, I particularly value his thorough knowledge of the musculo-skeletal and neural anatomy and pathology, his outstanding technique and his familiarity with the most diverse massage modalities. All this coupled with a very broad cultural and intellectual interest, as well as with a wonderfully warm personality, will make a meeting/session with Bob a pleasantly unique experience.

Joseph, D.M.D.

Tranquil Impressions 的治療師 Bob Greiza 天然按摩草本香油加上合宜的按摩力度把按摩提高到一個無壓力的寧靜體驗。

寧靜感教人自然地進入平靜狀態,Bob 致力並專注於緩解城市人的壓力和繃緊的肌肉。
配合 Tranquil  Impressions 按摩治療,頓时令人舒活筋骨和渾然忘卻煩憂身心得以保持最佳狀態。

English Translation:

Tranquil Impressions therapist Mr. Bob Greiza uses natural massage oils to enhance the nourishing massage into a stress-free tranquil experience.

Bob creates a peaceful and relaxing environment, and was dedicated and particularly attentive to my personal needs to ease stress and painful muscles. The soothing Zen music set a perfect atmosphere of peace. Tranquil Impressions Massage Therapy offers a spa-haven feeling for rejuvenating body and mind.

Angela To (Hong Kong)

Bob is a wonderful massage therapist. He always knows exactly how much pressure to use and his ability to cure what ails you is top notch. Whenever I make an appointment at Massage Envy, I ask for Bob. He's my go-to massage therapist!

Janine M.

I have been a client of Bob's for almost two years now. I first went to him with severe back problems caused by a car accident. With 6 herniated discs and nerve damage, I sought the help of several doctors, physical therapists and even acupuncture in order to help me bring my pain level down to one that would let me function in normal, every day life. After finding no relief from pain, I decided to see if massage therapy could help me. Bob proved to be a life saver! I can truly attest to the fact that he helped to heal my back and allow me to feel normal again. His magic hands have helped to completely restore my body. Bob is naturally gifted and gives his full attention to my needs.

Not only is he amazing at what he does, but he is also incredibly knowledgeable and furthered his research to be able to better assist me and my needs. He always recommends products and implements new stretches, etc. to make sure that my sessions are tailored to my specific needs.

I continue to see Bob on a regular basis to keep up with my back health and he always proves to help me, whether I am experiencing sinus symptoms or most recently Vertigo. He takes the time to tailor my sessions to my needs and listen to what my specific problems are.

I highly endorse him! Whether you just want to relax, are in need of a massage due to stress or are experiencing medical problems, he is your go to guy!

Alexa A.

Bob is an excellent Massage therapist, he understands the client's needs and is very knowledgeable on the different techniques he uses. He is also courteous and committed the to the health of his clients.

Nelci O.

After becoming a member of Massage Envy, it took almost a year to find Bob was the best masseuse out there. I have had massages in the past, but Bob's expertise in this field is impeccable. I have and would recommend him many times over. He is a master of his craft.

Leslie P.

Bob Greiza has been a lifesaver! Whenever a migraine headache has left me in pain and unable to function he is able to help me manage my pain and makes me feel human again. I like the fact that he is proficient in different modalities so he has been able to use massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and even energy techniques like Reiki and Chakra Balancing to banish my evil migraine headaches. I love the fact that when I am in pain he does not give up until something begins to work.

Lori V.

He is a wonderful massage therapist. He always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Mark F.

I feel as if he really personalizes my sessions and is able to intuitively focus on the areas that I am having a problem with. I always feel relaxed and refreshed after a session and look forward to the next. I honestly feel that having regular sessions has kept me healthier and that I have been able to decrease the use of over the counter pain medicine and I definitely have to take my migraine medicine (that makes me feel sick) much less. I don’t know where I would be without his help. I recommend him highly.

Joe D.

As a massage client for more than 20 years, I can honestly say after meeting Bob, my search for a great therapist ended. His knowledge of the body & understanding of technique is nothing short of perfection. Even after I moved 45 minutes away, I continue to make the very worthwhile trip to see Bob on a regular basis. He is genuine, compassionate & truly loves his craft. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a GREAT massage!!!

Diane K.

Mr. Greiza gives a wonderful massage, whether it's purely for relaxation or to work on problem area and I always leave a session with him feeling better. He is the only massage therapist I see, if he is not available I will not schedule an appointment until he is.

Sisse J.

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