• What is a holistic health care?
Holistic care addresses the PERSON , rather than the illness the person has. Holistic healing seeks to bring people to a state of wholeness in Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

• What is the major focus of a holistic care?
De-stressing is a major focus, as a treatment and Preventive health measure as well. Learning to deal with illness is an another focus.

• Is there anything else I can do for my health?
Yes, of course! Self-care is very-very important. You should pay attention to your diet, exercise regularly (even daily walks do wonder), relax, meditate, do yoga, do imagery exercises...educate yourself, experiment and find out what is the best for you.


• What is a massage session like?
During your initial appointment you will be asked background information about your state of health and any concerns or questions you may have and we’ll go over my policies. It is a good idea to allow extra time, at no charge, for this.

As you prepare for the massage, I will leave the room to give you privacy to undress and make yourself comfortable under the sheet on the massage table. Completely undressing or wearing underwear works best. During the massage your body is covered with a sheet except for the section being massaged.

Once you are covered, and on the massage table, we are ready to begin. Music and lighting are adjusted to your liking. I have a large selection of relaxing tunes to choose from, but you are welcome to bring your own music. After the massage, I again leave the room to give you complete privacy when getting dressed.

• I'm worried about the privacy of my body.
Your privacy is one of my top concerns. Under no circumstances will I touch or look at your private areas. They are not part of my massage routine and are covered by your sheet during the whole session.


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